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Subcontractor Control

Is everything you need to know about your subs is in one place?

The Subcontractor Center summarizes information like invoices, payments, retention, contracts, pricing, change orders and back charges.  It will alert you if you have selected a sub with expired Workers’ Compensation or General Liability insurance—things you can’t afford to miss.

The Subcontract module will also generate the subcontract agreement contract, including the amount for retainage, scope of work, inclusions and exclusion clauses.  And since they are created in a MS Word template you can cut and paste your attorney’s legal notices or terms and insert them where needed.

Going forward, when you enter an AP invoice, Deltek + ComputerEase will match up the subcontract terms with the AP payment as well as keep track of the amount of retention that is being held. Lien waiver tracking and 2nd tier material vendors are also tracked. 

Bid Management

Have the need for tracking multiple bids and various due dates? The Bid Schedule shows a timeline of the dates subcontractor bids were received and the date’s bids are due. When bids from subcontractors are received, you can quickly compare their bids and the system highlights the lowest bidder for you in red.   

This gives you the tools to negotiate costs, buy out at a lower price, and get a higher return on your investment. When you are awarded a job, you can use the Bid Management tool to quickly issue subcontractor agreements using the built-in Microsoft Word™ templates.

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