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Take control of your accounting
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We represent Deltek + ComputerEase™ because of its ease-of-use for our contractors, robust functionality, and a tight integration with Microsoft Office Suite. Deltek + ComputerEase software for contractors recognizes the many unique aspects of the construction industry and has been designing best-of-breed products for contractors for over 28 years.

Deltek + ComputerEase is a dynamic, fully integrated construction management program that is specifically designed for contractors’ every day needs in the back office and in the field. Built for contractors, built to use every day, anywhere, by anyone.

We know Owners of Construction Company’s worry about project managers’ spreadsheets not matching up with their accounting reports.  Percent complete or units complete reports are often outdated and constantly need updating.  Some contractors have over purchased software systems that are too complicated for their staff to use.

Other contractors hire QuickBooks consultants to try and help them make QuickBooks perform tasks it was not designed to do.  It’s like trying to push a square peg through a round whole…sound familiar?

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Deltek + ComputerEase Base System

Job Costing & Budgeting

Project Management


Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable


Subcontractor Control

Inventory & Purchase Orders

Service Management

General Ledger

Equipment Management

Tool & Equipment Tracking

QTool Report Writer

Excel Reporting

Payroll Outsourcing

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