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NEXTSYSTEMS has integrated 3rd party applications that can help you leverage your ComputerEase software investment.  We have partnered with specific vendors who specialize in add-on construction solutions that help give you the edge you need to put your company on autopilot and take it to the next level. 

Estimating & Digital Takeoff Systems

We integrate with some of the easiest, most user-friendly, estimating systems on the market today. These solutions fully integrate with ComputerEase and our paperless products.

  • On-screen digitized takeoff
  • Line item takeoff
  • Assembly takeoff
  • Includes (1) database
  • Multiple RS Means databases can be purchased for larger contractors
  • Create proposals and reports
  • Export job contract billing schedules and cost budgets directly into ComputerEase.

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Partners in Time Tracking

We have several partners who specialize in the gathering of weekly field payroll data utilizing multiple devices with multiple appliances that can easily export to our ComputerEase payroll module for processing daily or weekly timesheets.

  • Fingerprint or palm biometric equipment
  • Bar coding identification readers
  • Employee card or badge identification readers
  • Phone or GPS tracking and employee identification systems

Piracle– Create-A-Check

Create-A-Check takes ComputerEase payroll and accounts payable check information and prints checks on blank check stock security paper along with your company logo, signature(s), and MICR bank codes.

This solution is great for companies with multiple checking accounts, there is no need to lock checks in a safe, nor change check stock each time you need to print checks from a different bank account. Create-A-Check also gives you the ability to process payroll at the home office while printing checks remotely to satellite offices or to the job site.

  • Eliminate overnight shipping charges
  • Full security protection
  • Theft protection with blank check stock
  • Reduce pre-printed check cost
  • Remote Payroll and AP check printing
  • Great for multi-company check printing
  • ACH & AP payment transmission processing
  • All integrated into your ComputerEase System


ComData Paycard Solutions


Comdata Paycard Solutions help employers in the construction industry eliminate the paper and the expense associated with payroll distribution.  Ideal for employees not using direct deposit and occasional off-cycle payments, the Comdata Paycard offers a virtual account for your workforce, enhancing their convenience while increasing your efficiency.

  • Provides an electronic payment solution for your field workforce
  • Eliminate the distribution of weekly payroll checks
  • Administer card funding just like direct deposit
  • Issue and replace cards instantly
  • Employees enjoy immediate access to funds
  • Eliminate the time and expense associated with printing payroll checks
  • Benefit from 24 hour bilingual cardholder service for workforce
  • Submit a payables disbursement file to Comdata that contains detailed invoice payment information.
  • Unique virtual MasterCard account numbers are electronically generated and delivered to suppliers via an email remittance out of ComputerEase.
  • Vendor processes payment as they would any other credit card transaction.
  • Comdata provides you with an invoice file containing all merchant processed transactions for automated reconciliation into ComputerEase.
  • Comdata will transmit you a rebate based on the dollar volume you use.
  • Can be implemented anywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • Processes payments safely and securely
  • Sets limits on the dollar value and expiration date for every account number issued
  • Automates the payment and reconciliation process with integration into ComputerEase
  • Earns rebates and improves your cash flow
  • Leverages online reporting

In fact, a card payment solution and going paperless could lead to a 40% savings over traditional payroll methods.

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Estimating & Digital Takeoff Systems

Partners in Time Tracking

Piracle– Create-A-Check

ComData Paycard Solutions

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