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Inventory & Purchase Order Module

Deltek + ComputerEase Inventory Management

Deltek + ComputerEase Inventory Management is capable of cataloging and tracking actual inventory. Maintaining a real inventory of supplies can be a great cost saving measure when you purchase in bulk and take advantage of discounted pricing.

With the Inventory module you can track material items by class type or vendor, track multiple warehouses, and even keep track of inventory stored on service or field trucks.  The module also comes with many pre-built in inventory low items report for restocking critical items, and "just in time" inventory management.

Serialized Inventory

Deltek + ComputerEase has a built-in feature to help you track serialized inventory. Deltek + ComputerEase makes it easy to track items by unique or lot serial numbers. Within moments, you can find out how long you have had a particular serialized item, any associated warranty information, and with what job that item is associated.

Purchase Orders and Purchasing Benefits

An efficient purchasing control system is an easy way to keep costs under control. Deltek + ComputerEase provides you with the tools you need to take control of your purchasing. If you require purchase orders to be created and approved prior to ordering, you can prevent unnecessary spending and keep job costs accurate and traceable.

As soon as a purchase order is created in Deltek + ComputerEase all items are instantly pulled into all job cost reports and the Job Center.  You always have the option to run all job cost reports with or without purchase orders included in the report.
Some of the nice benefits of the purchasing module are streamlining material purchases by importing material list directly from your estimating system or Excel worksheet into the Deltek + ComputerEase purchasing module.  Once imported you can create pull list to pull materials out of your warehouse or automatically create Purchase Orders to fax or email to your Vendors for pricing or placing orders.

Vendor Material Price List

If your vendor supplies you with a periodic material price list you can import these list and let Deltek + ComputerEase purchase module automatically shop for best price by item or vendor total package cost.

"But we don't have inventory!"

Contractors often say, "We don't need an inventory management module because we don’t keep inventory," but most contractors have a warehouse or yard with excess supplies and materials that have been returned from completed jobs. This inventory has value that could add to your bottom line if you manage it properly.

Quality excess supplies and materials that have been returned from completed jobs have already been paid for. Using these materials on a new job is like a built-in discount or cost avoidance strategy.  The challenge is knowing and tracking these material assets, Deltek + ComputerEase Inventory Module can help.


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