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Equipment Management

Deltek + ComputerEase's Equipment Management module provides you with a gold mine of information about your equipment. Effective equipment information tracking helps you determine the real cost of ownership and operation for each piece of equipment in your fleet or equipment yard.

The Equipment Center is a hub of all of the important information related to your equipment. Analyze individual profit and loss for each piece of equipment or the whole fleet, isolate the cause of any losses, and take corrective action. The Equipment Center also has an electronic filing cabinet where you can store information such as equipment photos, warranty documents, licenses, serial and model numbers, etc.

The Equipment Center gives you the ability to drill down to the equipment cost summary report giving you each breakdown by month, year, or since acquired (both hours and dollar amounts are displayed).

  • Revenue codes
    • Contract revenue
    • T & M job revenue
    • Idle time lost revenue
  • Ownership cost
    • Depreciation
    • Insurance
    • Interest
    • Property taxes
  • Operational cost
    • Maintenance
    • Major repairs
    • Fuel

Deltek + ComputerEase lets you set up preventative maintenance schedules and track service histories. Equipment management tools help you take proper care of equipment investments and spot pieces that are becoming too costly to maintain.

Drill down on the Schedule Services report and you can instantly see by miles or hours used for each piece of equipment. Open up a Work Order and schedule for repairs or maintenance before it becomes too costly.

  • Next service scheduled date
  • Current date
  • Last service date

What our contractors really like about the Equipment Center is that it gives you a Profit & Loss report for each piece of equipment or by fleet.

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