Data Conversion
A critical step in starting off right.

Data Conversions

What is a data conversion?

This is an often-overlooked critical aspect of selecting a new construction accounting program. How do we get our current data out of our current system into our new system? Consider the following factors before making this important decision.

One method is to manually re-key critical information and the other method is to have our programmers move the old data for you. Master files are easy to move over, such as your vendor list, customer list, inventory items, etc.  However payroll files and transactional items that are linked through multiple data files like your open jobs, open accounts payables, and open receivables can be a challenge and time-consuming process.

Where do we start?  How do we deal with our historical data, and how do other contractors handle all the challenges with the data conversion process?  Your personal NEXTSYSTEMS coach will review the pros and cons of each method of data conversion available with your team during your Kick-Off Meeting.  

We have become experts in the field of data conversions. This is a boutique-customized service that most software vendors do not have the on-staff resources to offer.  All we require you to do is export your data to an Excel worksheet, clean it up, and upload to our secure data center.

We suggest now is a good time to remove old data you no longer need or use—as Wikipedia says, “garbage in, garbage out!” We encourage you to think about your existing coding and numbering systems. Are you doing it that way because your old system forced you to?

For more details, look at our Data Conversion Checklist.

Data Conversion Checklist

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What is a Data Conversion?

Data Conversion Checklist

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