Deltek + ComputerEase Cloud
Any Time. Anywhere. Any Device.

Deltek + ComputerEase Cloud

Any Time. Anywhere. Any Device.

Should we consider Cloud Computing?

Revenue generated in the U.S. from cloud-related IT services will grow to $29.5 billion by 2014. This growth is being spurred, in large part, by the demand for cloud computing applications in vertical markets like healthcare, manufacturing and construction, where increasing efficiencies and lowering costs have been vital to survival.

Although the construction industry is often slow to adopt new technologies, ComputerEase has demonstrated its forward-thinking leadership by adding a cloud computing solution to its product lineup. ComputerEase Cloud delivers many benefits.

How can The Cloud help my business grow and expand?

  1. Lower IT costs – since Deltek + ComputerEase Cloud is deployed via the Web, there is nothing to install or maintain, and software updates happen automatically. This eliminates the need for in-house hardware infrastructure and IT staff, and gets the system up and running fast. Deltek + ComputerEase Cloud users pay a monthly subscription rate per user that includes all software licenses, hosting, nightly backups, virus protection and IT internet support. This delivers a predictable monthly expenditure, similar to a utility bill or lease payment that improves budget management.
  2. Greater mobility – For construction companies with multiple offices or job sites, ComputerEase Cloud offers full accessibility on a variety of platforms, including notebooks, Mac computers, iPads and smart phones, for busy project managers and superintendents' on-the-go.

Construction companies that choose Deltek + ComputerEase Cloud can rest assured that their data is safe. Hosting is provided in a secure, climate-controlled, SAS70 Type II-certified datacenter with redundant power systems, advanced fire alarm and VESDA systems, 24x7x365 network monitoring and daily backups.

Deltek + ComputerEase Cloud computing for Contractors.

  • Anytime
  • Anywhere
  • Any device.



Lower IT Costs

Greater Mobility

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