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Accounts Payable

You have the option to put everything on autopilot with AP invoicing.  You have the option to scan in the vendor’s invoice and tap the lookup window and it will display any purchase order or subcontract agreement if one has been issued, and the rest of the work is done for you. AP invoice screen will also check for workers compensation and general liability expiration dates, and whether there is any retention or discount to be withheld automatically. The invoice payment process is dramatically improved with the ability to select payments by multiple options: such as due date, discount date, vendor and subcontractor or by job.

The system will also alert you when you can take advantage of prompt payment discounts, prevent you from overpaying on lot price POs, and manage your subcontractors and their services.

Red Flag Alerts

The Deltek + ComputerEase Red Flag Alerts feature automatically warns you when an invoice exceeds the PO, subcontract, or budget amount. This helps prevent the posting of invoices to the wrong expense account, being over charged, or over budget.

AP Invoice Routing

Once the invoice has been entered, the system can automatically route the invoice and PO (if one has been one issued) to any staff member by predefined routing rules, or route to PM’s by the job number or manually select the proper staff that needs to review the invoice before payment approval.  You can even tell the system that all invoices over a certain amount must be routed to your CFO before payment.

Talk about making your life easy! Run any AP report and right click on the AP Invoice number and you can view or edit notes about this particular invoice. If your personalized security settings allow, you can even edit the invoice on the fly from any AP invoice report, and instantly change the invoice status from PAY to HOLD.

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