A Different Approach
Our industry is fraught with promises and little follow through--
we thought things needed to change.

Delissa De Leon

Senior Support

Delissa earned her B.B.A. in Accounting and her M.B.A. in Organizational Management. After a stint with Business Software Associates as business manager and later as human resources associate.

Delissa joined NEXTSYSTEMS in 2004. Her original goal was to become a CPA, but she soon realized that interaction with people was what she loves most.

For Delissa, NEXTSYSTEMS offers the best of both worlds. Not only does she get to continue working in the accounting field, but she also gets to work with the human resources departments of all our customers.


Meet The Team

Jerry Leavitt

Bill Hall

Brad Tucker
Business Development

Lisa Garner
Custom Programming

Emily Swain
Deltek + ComputerEase Services

Delissa De Leon
Senior Support

Nancy Gonzalez
Training & Support Coordinator

Christi Novak
Implementation & Training

Renee Montgomery
Senior Support

Trisha Hall
Customer Account Manager

Ken Kemp

Donna Wesling, CPA

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