Data Conversion Checklist

Section: I

Master Data File Conversion: (per company)

Company Info:

Company creation and system configuration files

General Ledger:

Chart of accounts with budgets

Accounts Payable:

Vendor master list including:
workers comp and general liability expiration dates,
default gl account number, payment and discount terms, and
vendor user defined fields

Accounts Receivable:

Customer master list including:
payment terms, credit terms, salesperson, and
customer user defined fields

Job Cost:

Job list including:
job site addresses and user defined fields;
One master job template with job phases and
category cost codes


Employee master list including:
federal & state withholding exemptions,
federal filing status, deduction and fringe codes,
departments, classes (skill levels),workers compensation
and general liability codes, and user defined fields

Inventory Items:

Master inventory item list including:
item number, description, price, cost and
user defined fields


Master equipment list including:
serial #’s, year and model codes, fleet
(class) codes, purchase date, purchase
price, hours to date, mileage to date

Information that will NOT be converted:

(see Section II for detail conversions)

General Ledger transaction details
Accounts Payable open payable invoices, vendor history
Accounts Receivable aged trial balance open invoices and retainage amounts.
Customer history, billing detail.(Customer will need to enter in CE for current AIA billings).
Job cost history detail file

Note: Customer is responsible for exporting data from their current accounting system; cleaning up data and formatting (if needed) prior to the import.

Customer must email data to NEXTSYSTEMS in an Excel Worksheet format (.xls). Most data conversions must be scheduled 30-60 days in advance.


Section: II Detail Data File Conversions: To Be Quoted


  1. Job Cost Year To Date (YTD) Data File Conversion:
    Job cost to date entry per job including:
    cost amount for each cost code (Phase/Category/Cost Type)
    Cost Type: i.e. Labor, Material, Subcontract, Other
    Billing to date amount per job
  2. Payroll Year To Date (YTD) Data File Conversion:
    Year to date entry for each employee including:
    regular/overtime hours, earnings, payroll tax withholdings,
    federal & state withholdings, deductions, and fringes
  3. Open Accounts Payable Data File Conversion:
    Load Balance open payables file including:
    vendor name, vendor number, invoice number, invoice date,
    Due date, retention held, description and amount; List of outstanding AP checks
  4. Open Accounts Receivable Data File Conversion:
    Load balance open receivables file including: customer, invoice number,
    invoice date, due date, retention held, description and amount
  5. Accounts Receivable - AIA or Unit Billing Creation:
    Line item billing detail for all open jobs including: AIA schedule of values and all progress billings or Unit billing schedule of quantities and all progress billings
  6. Job Cost Detail History Data File Conversion:
    Line item detail of historical job data including: cost code, date, vendor name,
    invoice number, description and amount
  7. Other Data File Conversion Request:
    Miscellaneous data


Sample Master Data File Format:




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